About BMA XHub

XHub products offer efficient over air wireless energy transfer to power and charge your devices without the hassle of the cable from meters away. BMA Group offers a range of XHub products, varying from application, range and operational environment. XHub i for commercial and industrial application and in aircraft charging is also available.


“Best thing ever, I honestly
recommend it! ”

– Luis W


“Impressive Charging Speed”
-Jack S – Beta tester

“FINALLY a fix to
annoying batteries”

“Excellent long range even
with obstacles in the way..”
-Sarah J – Beta tester

XHub Products


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Superb Product

XHub is awesome product. I really Like this

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XHub is a ground breaking technology that allows over air charging. Providing wireless power functionality for all electronic devices, including Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets or just about any device that operates on a battery. For the office, home & just about anywhere. You can pair up-to 8-10 devices to the hub and the devices are automatically powered. With a transmission distance up to 20 Meters.

  • Transmitter Dimensions: Height 23 cm X Diameter 10 cm
  • Receiver Dimensions:  20 x 10 x 6 mm
  • Input Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage 20V

XHub Portable

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*Shipping In 2020

XHub Portable is a pocket sized over air charger. Providing wireless power functionality for all electronic devices, including Mobile Phones, Tablets and or just about any device that requires up to 5V input. For use when you are on the go. You can pair up-to 3-6 devices to the hub and the devices are automatically powered. With a transmission distance up to 8 Meters.

  • Transmitter Dimensions: Height 10 cm X Diameter 4 cm
  • Receiver Dimensions:  20 x 10 x 6 mm
  • Input DC 5V/ 1500mA to 2000mA
  • Output DC 5V 1000mA


This device is compatible with all major electronic makes including, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, HP, Sony, Dell, Blackberry. This includes Laptops, Mobile phones and tablets and smart watches. Prior to purchasing please ensure a compatible antenna is available from BMA Group accessory page. This device comes with two default antennas; please specify your two preferences upon purchase.



XPort captures the transmitted electricity over air and uses it to charge your devices. It is compatible with a variety of brands from Apple to Samsung and Nokia. This includes Tablets and Smart Phones or just about any device with a compatible port.


With BMA XHub you can say goodbye to your power cord. The future is today. With XHub we’ve unleashed never-ending, untethered battery life to your devices.

Use XHub to charge your laptop, smartphones, smart watches, tablets and more all at the same time with over air technology developed by BMA Group.

With XHub your devices are powered and charged all without the restriction of a cord and without lifting a finger. Free yourself from the cord and power your smart devices from across the room and on the go. .

Picture your smartphone recharging itself automatically as you walk from home to your car, or the office to the shopping mall. Imagine your Laptop powering up when on a business trip or holiday from the Taxi to the aeroplane or even hotel – well XHub does just that for you without even lifting a finger,
we bring your imagination into motion.

Commercial Applications

At BMA Group we understand that keeping your customers happy is at the very core of your business. Get XHub over air charging technology for your business and provide your customers with fast, reliable and easy to use charging capability in your venue. 

XHub i is the commercial equivalent. This is to be fitted in shopping centers, coffee shops or anywhere public like libraries, airports and even aircrafts. You can charge laptops, phones and any electrical item over air.

XHub is completely tailored to your individual business needs. XHub i can power anything from 50 devices up to 2000. With a transmission distance from 10 meters up to 100 meters.

Contact us for a tailored quote to suit your businesses individual needs.


Smart devices are popular as ever and show no sign of slowing down, the only down side is the awful battery life, well at least in the past it was.  BMA Group developed ground breaking technology that makes the future today. XHub uses over air electrical transfer technology to allow our customers to scrap the power cables and go completely wireless.

XHub technology is one of its kind in its ability to charge devices from meters away safely and efficiently even if the line of sign is obstructed. The system consists of two units:

  • XHub (Transmitter) – Connected to a power source, AC, DC or USB. Delivers power to receivers anywhere within range. The transmitter emits safe and efficient over air electricity to the receiver.
  • XPort (Receiver) – Captures the transmitted electricity over air and uses it to charge your device.

XHub is truly smart technology from the future. Anywhere in range the system automatically identifies your device and starts the power transfer procedure in an efficient manner, based on your devices power requirements and battery capacity which is detected automatically. Depending on the specific XHub product, multiple devices can be powered simultaneously using smart power management algorithm. Additional transmitters can be placed to increase coverage, power and number of receivers.

The technology used allows for safe in flight over air charging without any interference with in flight instruments or any industrial instruments.