About BMA Estate

Welcome to BMA Estate. Founded in early 2000, BMA Estate is a property development and management firm overseeing residential and mixed-estate projects across the UK.

Through our projects, we serve the domestic and international estate industry through solo and joint ventures from individuals and commercial property investors and international estate developers. We have a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality properties at excitingly competitive rates.

BMA Estate develops a wide range of estates from mixed-estate to residential and even retail premises; we also undertake joint venture projects and third party work. Similarly we handle construction activities from residential to mixed use estate. This includes joint venture projects and third party development.

BMA Homes

BMA Homes markets BMA’s portfolio of private homes. The development division of BMA homes is responsible for site acquisition, funding, planning and design of each project. The construction of these homes is undertaken principally by BMA Estate.

BMA Homes portfolio consists of newly built homes, refurbished properties and mixed use developments. From starter properties through to luxury apartments and family homes, offering an exclusive lifestyle through the creation of homes with access to wide range of services within the same development.

At BMA Estate we pride ourselves on building premium quality developments and offering exceptional value for money to our broad clientèle whatever their individual needs are.

Vision and Values

BMA Estate echo’s the vision that of BMA Group of which is to deliver quality through professionalism and deliver value to the people. We believe in the value of “From the people, For the people”.

We strongly believe in continues improvement and continuing innovative implementation and introducing new innovative solutions and products that enhance the returns and experience for our stakeholders.

BMA Estate is committed to providing best value for money, on-time delivery and support of local government wider housing plans. We are committed, creative and dynamic in our vision and engaging with our stakeholders.

Land Acquisition

Acquiring properties and land for development is a significant factor in our strategy and ongoing growth and success. As a privately owned group, we have a key advantage in making quick decisions and commercial rational.

We are always looking for residential development opportunities, solo or joint ventures. BMA Estate is interested in land or buildings for development projects. If you believe you may have something of interest please get in touch and a member of the BMA Estate team will get back to you.

Social Responsibility

BMA Estate understands the impact on the environment, communities and on people concerned with property development – so we take our CSR ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ very seriously.

We take great care to ensure our chosen sites and developments are selected whilst bearing in mind environmental factors in relation to ecosystems, wildlife, green areas and biodiversity – all whilst considering the impact on people, communities, infrastructures and transport.

BMA Estate has a rigorous CSR policy and only once these standards are satisfied do we proceed with acquisition and subsequent development. At all time we liaise with local authorities and local people to ensure that we are accomplishing results that are both satisfactory and welcomed by local communities whilst ensuring any inconvenience during the construction stage is kept to the minimum.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on contributing positively to the localities in which we built by using wherever possible local workforce, skills and capabilities from the community in order to add to the lives of local people and to create rewarding opportunities for the people.

Our CSR responsibilities are extended to ensure that we have built ethically, responsibly and in an environmentally aware manner, whilst using products and processes that complement those responsibilities. We also ensure that our properties are energy efficient and a low carbon footprint.


We understand the importance of working in a sustainable manner and are committed to the sustainability of the natural environment in order to maximize benefits to all those involved. Our build policies ensure that our design supports sustainability and are designed to minimize adverse impact on the environment.

Our build policies ensure that 90% of the waste material produced from development and construction is recycled. We adhere to all relevant construction guidelines with relation to sourcing, utilization and disposal of building materials. We ensure that our materials are traceable and from sustainable sources, we strictly control our own waste management and we make use of strict sustainability guidelines.