About BMA Charity

BMA Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the standard of life. We are a humanitarian subsidiary of BMA Group Limited that helps people in need. Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have the right to the most basic of human rights. From the people, for the people.

BMA Charity operates in 31 countries across Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa. Our missions are vigilantly structured and designed to be reachable and effective. All our missions are long term sustainable. We look at the bigger picture. There are many charities that focus on short term relief and emergency support; we take this as an opportunity to focus on longer-term sustainability and fixing the underlying cause.

This approach means we can save lives longer term, improve situations in the years to come and transform people and communities for years to come. For example, we take in homeless people, feed them, teach them and send them back into society with a sustaining job and a place to live. Rather than feeding them for a day or two. Always giving people the support they need depending on their situation.

Our Vision

The Mission of BMA Charity is:

1. Homeless Rehabilitation Centre: We provide shelter, food and education. A rehabilitation process to help the homeless get back on their own feet and send them back into society with a job. This project is our longest on-going project and currently at the fund gathering stage for the building stage. The first centre is to be located in London.

2. Unemployed & Students: People who lost their jobs with a family and need help with rent and food. We also offer financial advice to students in financial distress. As we focus on long term survival, our support includes getting families and students back on their feet and at the self-sustaining stage.

3: Refuges: To provide the most basic of human rights, including: Shelter, food, warm clothing and Medical attention. In addition to helping families, we look at the underlying cause of the situation and enter into negotiation with various countries and UN to find a longer term solution.

4: International conflict: We provide a middle ground negotiation on behalf of the people and its country. When conflict between the people and the leaders get out of hand, especially in the recent events of the Middle East, we provide a means of negotiation and communication between both parties ensuring it does not get out of hand and forms a national crisis.

Where we work

BMA Charity operates in 31 countries across Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa. Since our founding we have transformed lives internationally and empowered communities. Helping to solve the long term issue and build a brighter future together with the world.

Our work, team and supporters have grown significantly since our founding, enabling us to reach as many people in need as possible and change the world from the background. We do not believe or operate in flashy advertisement; we believe every capital is best served to the cause. That’s why 100% of all capital goes to the cause. All over head charges and non-direct charges towards the cause are covered by BMA Group Limited.

Get Involved

There are many deferent ways for you to get involved with our work. Whether you get involved physically or financially, it all counts. You could take part in a fundraising challenge, volunteer to help refugees adjust to a new life, or by simply sharing our mission on social media.

Become an ambassador:

Our ambassadors are inspirational volunteers with a desire to make a real difference in the world. Become an ambassador and gain first-hand knowledge of how making a real difference in the world works and improve the lives of vulnerable lives across the globe.

Attend an event:

BMA Charity is thrilled to host a variety of exciting, inspiring and life-enriching events across the world, Why not come along, say hello, and find out more about what we do? Event dates and locations are sent out by email so ensure you are signed up to our newsletter.

Pray with us:

Join us in praying for the world and the people living in the world’s toughest places. When we pray collectively our prayers embrace more power and exhibit our solidarity and unity.

Need help ?

You can now contact us directly for help.

A wide-range of help and support is available within our four missions. Do you need help or know someone that does? Then get in contact with us today and let’s make a difference.

We have an experienced team operating 24/7 waiting to help. Our operators speak over 60 languages and can advise on a wide variety of concerns.