About BMA Aviation

By means of intelligent innovation, BMA Aviation puts its customers at the forefront of the aviation industry. The aerospace industry plays a vital function in the UK and the World. Increasing competition is challenging the Aerospace industry to bring competitively priced and well-manufactured products to market in a timely fashion.

BMA Aviation operates within three sectors of aerospace, including; Consultancy, Manufacturing and XHub Air. With world leading cliental such as Assystem, General Electric (GE), B/E Aerospace and Rockwell Collins; BMA Aviation has established itself into a key player in a competitive industry.

BMA Aviation relies on over fifty years of experience shared by its employees specialising in Aerospace. Operating internationally with selected offices in major cosmopolitan cities around the world to meet customer needs locally. BMA Aviation operates with accountability for results, evincing testimony to the reach of its dexterities, the robustness of its methodologies and the commitment to the customer that actuates its teams.

In order to tackle the challenges that our customers are facing, BMA Aviation provides extensive and maintainable solutions by mobilising an accessible and expandable system, including risk management, continuous improvement and change.

Management Solutions & Consultancy

BMA Aviation Consultancy is an international Engineering and Innovation Consultancy with a presence in major cosmopolitan cities around the world. We are a key partner for the largest industrial groups

Fifty years of experience shared by its employees specialising in Aerospace have made BMA Aviation a key partner of the world’s largest industrial groups: Assystem, GE Aviation, B/E Aerospace, and Rockwell Collins.

Designing and developing the innovations and services of the future, developing and ensuring the optimal use of their capital resource throughout the life cycle, harmonising and implementing the realisation of their projects and organisational structure: BMA Aviation engineering and project teams make the difference and instil trust.

Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing is a vital function in the UK. The resurrection of manufacturing, primarily by enhancing competitiveness through automation of manufacturing, is a fundamental national goal.

There are many obstacles to prevalent take up of automation, not only due to social attitudes to do with perceived unemployment, but also due to the technical and business challenges in automating highly skilled work in niche and low volume industries such as the Aerospace Industry. This is where BMA Aviation specialises and helps its customers become the world leading in aerospace and remain there through automation adoption.

Adoption and implementation of advanced manufacturing automation offers the potential of efficaciously contending in global market. Particularly, automation offers advantages in areas that Aerospace Manufacturing need to address: Flexibility, quality and shorter product life cycle.

XHub Air

At BMA Group we understand that keeping your customers happy and staying two steps ahead of competition is at the very core of your business. XHub over air charging technology for in-aircraft charging can provide you with a new competitive edge as well as a new source of revenue, not to mention providing your customers with fast, reliable and easy to use charging capability.
XHub Air is part of the revolutionary BMA Group XHub family.

This innovative technology allows the charging of laptops, phones or any electrical item with a battery over air. XHub Air is completely tailored to your requirements. XHub Air can power anything from 50 devices for private jets up to 2000 for commercial aircrafts. With a transmission distance to cover from a exclusive in-aircraft business lounge to the entire aircraft without effecting any in aircraft instruments.