About BMA

We are imagination in motion. Our group operates with the ethos of “from the people, for the people”, providing the world with novel technologies and services of the future that promotes the standard of life for all our customers.

We do business in over 170 countries, comprised of selected offices in major cosmopolitan cities and luxury terminuses, aimed to convey the excitement of the BMA Group brand, its timeless allure, its heritage and its prestige.

Our Vision

BMA Group aims to be the leading brand in the world that provides revolutionary products and services that emanates a culmination of professionalism, luxury and quality.

At BMA Group, each product and service makes a strong reference to our code of quality and professionalism. Designed to portray a contemporary luxurious feel, our products are made from the most exquisite and finest materials, featuring futuristic designs and custom built fineness. We aim to empower people with revolutionized services including BMA Estate, BMA Aviation and BMA Charity.


Roger P Walter

Chief Investment Officer

Before joining BMA Group, I was the managing director of a major branch of an investment banking company. After fourteen years in investment banking, I bring a unique bundle of experience and knowledge to BMA.

Before this, I served 9 years in the field of stock investment at a top stock broker. During my time I held various management positions including large scale project manager, and Head of department.

I hold a Master in Economics from The University of Oxford.

Beläl M Aly

Founder, Chief Officer

Prior to founding BMA Group, I was involved in the management of aerospace programmes at a top tier aerospace manufacturing company that specialises in advanced research involving cutting edge technology development.

Currently, I hold a post as a Doctorate of Philosophy researcher at the esteemed University of Brunel. My academic focus is tailored to strategic management and the technology field, specifically in wireless energy transmission.

I hold a Master of Engineering Management from Brunel University and a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire.

Daniela Oliiver

VP Business Consultant

Before joining BMA Group, I was the general manager of a top engineering consultancy firm based In the US.

I spent 10 years at the consultancy firm in multiple capacities from lead engineer, head of design to general manager. In the journey successfully helping the organization grow from strength to strength, including some of our key clients who has grown to be multi million firms.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology from The University in Stamford, Connecticut.